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From: Merle Wiens
Sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2011
To: Jim Watson; Jim Thulson; Kevin Kompelien
Subject: Report on FGP Ordination, Dec 10, 2011


Hi Jim W., Jim T. and Kevin,


I thought it best to write you all a brief report on the consecration-ordination service for the FGP on Sunday, Dec. 11.  I am so glad I had to the opportunity to attend and represent the EFC of Canon City and ReachGlobal.  Thank you for the privilege of representing you. 


I was thankful for a brief time together with Daniel early Sunday morning at Kilifi.  He was quite relaxed so it was good to have a few minutes privately with him, and a time to pray for the events of the day.  I arrived at Mtondia around 9:45am…the church was perhaps half full by that time.  In addition to the church building, a tent had been set up immediately behind the sanctuary to accommodate the expected attendees.  A special music group was there to provide pre-service music.  It was a very hot day with lots of humidity (typical for this time of year) and under the metal roof it was especially so. 


Prior to the beginning of the service there was a lot of preparation activity going on in the church compound.  The cooks (men) were preparing a meal of pilau to feed the crowd and a lot of people were just standing around….waiting.  Really, typical Africa.  Apparently the FGP pastors & wives had arrived Saturday and I talked to a number of folks that said they did not sleep the previous night…due to activities and no place to sleep.  While the starting time for the service was set for 10am, the service finally begin a few minutes after noon with those being ordained, along with all the visiting Bishops, marching in from the back of the church.  The service was fully organized by these Bishops, including the setting up of the 12 page Swahili program.  The first couple hours was focused mostly on Daniel’s consecration as Bishop, followed by the ordination of the overseers (new FGP structure), and finally the ordination of the pastors.  Around 3:30pm Daniel was invited to share his comments (a prepared speech he read in English) and then he invited me to the podium to share some comments and also to read the letters of congratulations from the EFC of Canon City and Jim Watson.  I had to depart shortly thereafter to make my flight so I was not able to stay to the end of the service.  I think it was just about over….maybe. 


In any case, it was a great service and I think honoring to the Lord.  Here are a few additional comments….

·         My estimate is that there were around 400 in attendance, me being the only non-Kenyan.

·         There was 6 (possibly 7) Bishops from other churches that led the service

·         The service was very “Anglican” with the formalities

·         Tyson David was not around until shortly after 2pm.  It was then we learned that his wife Eunice was in labor to give birth….during the service.

·         Pilau was prepared for the entire group of attendees post service.  The cooks told me they were using 170 kilos of rice (375 pounds) in the pilau.

·         I asked a number of the pastors who had been at the ToE (Training of Equippers) event M-F the previous week with Al Lewis & Eric Belz how that went and I received excellent reports from each of those I talked to.  They were very excited about what they had been taught.  Daniel referred to the yearly pastors training, the ToE, and CHE in his speech, calling them “modern methods” for training pastors & community workers (using the term in a very complimentary fashion)

·         The overseers ordained with specific tasks (mostly regional oversight of churches) will make-up Daniel’s key team.  They include…

o   Tyson David Mbitha

o   Daniel Mae

o   Sanuel Saro

o   Darius Mwakodi

o   Samuel (brother-in-law of Daniel, not sure his last name)

·         Photos attached

o    3164 – New fence & sign for FGP property where the property borders the road

o   3167 – sign

o   3169 – some FGP pastors

o   3190 – Bishop Daniel & Pas Teddy

o   3200 – Sylvia – Milcah’s daughter

o   3202-Kitchen with 2 of 4 cooking pots

o   3205--Daniel

o   3229--Beatrice

o   3250 – Ordination candidates/Bishops ready for entry from the road by the back of the church

o   3323 – Consecration

o   3328 – Consecration by pouring on of oil

o   3348 – Daniel in his “Bishop’s Robe”

o   3360 – Pastors & Wives in front being prayed for by Bishops following ordination

o   3369 – Food ready

o   Also attached the cover of the 12 page Swahili program


I trust this proves to update you on the program.  Perhaps Daniel will later share a report.  He as planning to take 2 days off and go to his “village farm” to relax after a very busy season.


Merle Wiens

EFCA ReachGlobal


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  Cover of the 12 page Swahili program